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Shokz Roadwave Sport Audio Sunglasses



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Shokz DirectPitch™ Technology2
Bolder And Louder Sound With Deeper Bass

Equipped with Shokz DirectPitch™ technology, these sunglasses also feature a low-frequency algorithm and 216mm2 large-amplitude speakers. Immerse yourself in bolder and louder sound quality, plus deeper bass.
Reduced Sound Leakage
for Private Listening
Keep your playlist private. An optimized design provides sound leakage3 control so you can enjoy your music without disturbing others.

Wind-Noise Reduction

Enjoy Crystal-Clear Calls At Speeds Of 18 Mph*
Communicate clearly on-road or off. Shokz RoadWave is designed with dual microphones built into the bottom of the V-shaped design to reduce wind interference, making them perfect for cyclists. The hydrodynamic structure reduces the impact of air on the receiving microphone, effectively minimizing wind noise while you ride. Additionally, the dual-microphone system eliminates environmental noise and picks up sounds more clearly as you speak. *Data source: Outdoor test data from Shokz.

Battery Life
6 Hours*
Charge Time
1 hour charge for 6 hours usage
Quick Charge
A 10-min charge for 1 hour usage
Magnetic Induction
Water Resistance
Bluetooth Version
Wireless Range
10 m
Dual Noise Cancelling Microphone
2 years
*This data is gathered at the Shokz laboratory and is tested by playing Trouble is a friend at a standard volume (60%) at 25±2℃