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Pirelli P ZERO™ Velo 4S


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Pirelli P ZERO™ Velo 4S
Bad weather? Low temperatures? Here is the 4S in its element.

With increased wet grip and optimized puncture protection, this tyre delivers unbeatable bad weather performance. Its unique tread pattern design displaces water from the ground and ensures maximum driving safety even in the most adverse weather conditions. Wet or dry, the 4S accepts every challenge.

Pirelli technology has long been setting the standard in the world of motorsport. P Zero™ bicycle brings our typical Italian passion for design and engineering to cycling.
Experience the disruptive technologies that make these tyres absolutely unique.

Maximum performance through unparalleled unwinding efficiency and complete confidence. The perfect balance.
SmartNET Silica® is patented cutting-edge technology. The unique formula of this compound, which has been developed over the years from experience in motorsport, offers cyclists a cycling experience without compromise: Low rolling resistance with optimum wet grip, maximum grip despite high mileage, high puncture protection despite low weight. This compound convinces in every discipline. The unique silica particles – elongated instead of spherical – guarantee an extremely low rolling resistance by forming themselves in longitudinal direction instead of forming a chaotic structure. They offer best wet adhesion due to their optimal chemical compatibility to wet asphalt. They provide outstanding puncture resistance and mileage performance by joining with other components of the compound to form a resilient network. In short, SmartNET Silica® provides an unsurpassed driving experience.

Tire tread reinvented. Delivers what you need when you need it.
To fine-tune the tyre profiles of P Zero™ and P Zero™ Velo 4S (the TT model is a pure slick) Pirelli used the motorsport inspired groove design. The tread pattern, which is not only aesthetically pleasing, is inspired by the Diablo Supercorsa, one of Pirelli’s best SSP (SuperSports World SuperBike racing series) tyres. Angles, cross-sections and distances of the profile pattern were examined in detail to optimize its performance in water drainage, dry and wet adhesion, mileage, reaction behaviour as well as driving comfort and handling. The tread pattern is reminiscent of lightning flashes and forms very sharp angles in the middle of the tread with pronounced lateral openings on the sides for optimum water drainage and smooth rolling behaviour as well as uniform wear. In addition, the tread pattern has progressive depth for improved durability and optimum control even in extreme cornering. The running surface of the P Zero? bicycle is made up of three different sections: the centre consists of a smooth surface for optimal straight-line running, on both sides there are more profiled areas for optimal cornering behaviour, which merge into semi-slick edges for immediate feedback at the limits of cornering. The result is optimum tyre contact under all driving conditions.

Better handling and cornering characteristics thanks to unique tyre contour.
Pirelli used ICS (Ideal Contour Shaping) technology to optimally shape the contour and structure of the new P Zero™ bicycle tyres. The use of CAD software using the scientific Finite Element Method (FEM) was used to optimize the design parameters for the tire contour and to simulate performance performance. Thus, the P Zero™ bicycle tyres offer the optimum synthesis of grip, stability, response and control in different driving situations (straight, downhill and bends).