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Pirelli Cinturato™ Velo TLR


De ultieme winterband met zeer hoge lekbestendigheid die ook tubeless kan gelegd worden.

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Cinturato Velo is the new tubeless-ready clincher tyre from Pirelli, crafted around protection and comfort, without compromising performances.

Pirelli’s experience and the reliability of SmartNET™ Silica technology combined with the tubeless-ready comfort and the resistance of the Armour Tech™ technology facilitated the creation of a new clincher tyre with a unique DNA, perfect for long-distances and various terrains.

Armour Tech™ construction (patent pending) combines various components, in order from inside to outside, which add to the 60 TPI Nylon casing underneath:

High density Nylon layer from bead to bead, which protects against cuts as well as improved stability at low pressure riding and contribute to make the carcass air tight when used with liquid sealant
high density waved aramid fiber breaker belt placed underneath the tread, which provides protection against punctured and sharp object cuts
aramid fibrils dispersed into the tread rubber compound (SmartNET™ Silica) in two layers:
an outer one (cap) which grants performances (dry & wet, mileage, contact feeling):
an inner one (base) which, thanks to an higher gradient of those fibrils, slows down the penetration of foreign bodies towards underneath layers

The bead of the Cinturato Velo has been designed to maximize compatibility and air-tight with tubeless-ready rims,as well as easy mounting in either tube type or tubeless-ready configurations

Pirelli technology has long been setting the standard in the world of motorsport. P Zero™ bicycle brings our typical Italian passion for design and engineering to cycling.
Experience the disruptive technologies that make these tyres absolutely unique.

Maximum performance through unparalleled unwinding efficiency and complete confidence. The perfect balance.
SmartNET Silica® is patented cutting-edge technology. The unique formula of this compound, which has been developed over the years from experience in motorsport, offers cyclists a cycling experience without compromise: Low rolling resistance with optimum wet grip, maximum grip despite high mileage, high puncture protection despite low weight. This compound convinces in every discipline. The unique silica particles – elongated instead of spherical – guarantee an extremely low rolling resistance by forming themselves in longitudinal direction instead of forming a chaotic structure. They offer best wet adhesion due to their optimal chemical compatibility to wet asphalt. They provide outstanding puncture resistance and mileage performance by joining with other components of the compound to form a resilient network. In short, SmartNET Silica® provides an unsurpassed driving experience.