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Pirelli Scorpion XC M 29×2.2L



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The Scorpion™ XC range has been designed to offer high speed and grip performances in cross-country competitions. Lightweight tyres that come both in LITE and ProWALL version so that you will always get the best rolling efficiency and an absolute feeling of control in every weather condition.

Medium profile and tread spacing for riding quickly and confidently over a variety of terrains, from hard to soft. Scorpion™ XC M is the best choice for crosscountry marathon courses where terrains can vary but speed is still the key factor..

The most versatile tyre in the Scorpion™ XC range: covering a wide range of uses while offering maximum support, whether racing or training


  • Type: Folding tyre
  • Coumpound: SmartGRIP
  • Technologie  /Puncture Protection:
    • ProWALL
    • LITE
  • Casing:  120 tpi TRL
  • Weight:
    • 670g (29 x 2.2L)
    • 720g (29 x 2.2)
    • 820g (29 x 2.4)
  • Dimension:
    • 29 x 2.2
    • 29 x 2.4
  • Size (ERTO):
    • 55-622
    • 60-622


The tread of the Scorpion™ XC M is composed of knobs whose height and spacing were studied alongside the physical and mechanical properties of the rubber compound, to offer uncompromising performance in variable conditions on compact and unstable terrain. The addition of “bridges” helps support the knobs easing the release of mud in wet conditions..


SmartGRIP Compound is an advanced compound developed on motorsport experience. The single compound solution gives constant high grip performances both in wet and dry, even when knobs start to wear out.


All models in LITE version are dedicated to maximum rolling efficiency and suppleness: a lighter carcass to highlight speed and riding feeling.


Our protective sidewall reinforcement technology for enhanced puncture protection and handling at low pressures. An added layer of Nylon fabric applied over the casing sidewalls for extra protection and improved cornering stability.